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"The first draft is black and white.

Editing gives the story color."

                                    - Emma Hill

All writing begins with a blank page and a good idea, but it doesn’t end there.  Sometimes transforming an idea into words in a way that’s not only organized and compelling but also correct, can prove to be difficult.  Let me review your work with “new eyes” and help you transform a good idea into the next great article, blog post, essay, or novel.

Developmental Editing
Your words, just organized.

Let’s work together to transform your great ideas into engaging literary content.  You write, and I’ll act as your behind-the-scenes guide, navigating you through common writing pitfalls. I’ll help you organize your thoughts and ideas to formulate a writing style that is focused, consistent, and all your own.

Copy Editing
Elevating your content.

I’ll review your literary work with a keen critical eye to ensure that it is accurate, consistent, well organized, and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Final review and revision.

You’re almost there. Let me be your last line of defense against typos, misplaced punctuations and layout issues. I’ll give your work the polished, professional look it needs before publication.


"The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart."

- Maya Angelou


I am a lawyer, aspiring writer, and self-proclaimed wordsmith.  While majoring in psychology and English in college, I often moonlighted as a writer and editor for both undergraduate and graduate students. Since becoming an attorney, some 15 years ago, I have worked as a professional legal ghost-writer and editor for many attorneys and as an online legal copy editor, in addition to providing other legal services. My honed editing skills now extend to providing editing services for writers of all genres and mediums, with a focus on transforming writers' big ideas into engaging, readable text.


I am an avid reader with a love of both fiction and historical novels.  In my spare time, I love writing poetry and short stories.  I plan to eventually write an anthology of autobiographical stories. 

Dee Mortimer


“When it came time to write my book, I knew I needed an editor who understood my context, the tone I wanted to tell the story in, and who was a boss at grammar.  Dee did all that and more.  Some of the chapters took a while to get right, but she knew the right questions to ask to get me thinking deeper.  I often write like the reader knows my experience, but Dee knows how to edit so that the reader can get the full understanding of the message I wish to convey.  The book reads beautifully because of the work she put in.  Her dedication and commitment to the task are impeccable.”


Joanna Daniel



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